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How do we find technical personnel?

Finding technical personnel in the Netherlands remains a challenge, mainly due to a growing gap between the demand for specialized talent and the supply. The increasing complexity of technology industries, combined with rapid digitalization, increases the need for highly qualified technicians.

A limited number of technical courses and a declining interest in technical subjects among young people contribute to the shortage. This creates a competitive struggle between companies all looking for the same limited pool of qualified candidates.

In addition, the aging of existing technical staff and the increasing international demand for technical talent play a role. Many tech professionals are approached by foreign companies with attractive offers, complicating local recruitment efforts.

To tackle these challenges, it is essential that companies invest in attracting and developing tech talent, collaborate with educational institutions and implement strategies to make the tech sector more attractive to new generations.

Aragon Search is increasingly being called in for this, not only to draw up an action plan but also to put it into practice. For example, Aragon Search actively enters into discussions with training courses on behalf of its clients to organize internships. Aragon Search takes on the recruitment and also the role of supervisor of interns, as clients often lack the experience and time for this.

Technisch personeel aan het werk


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