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How the Loominger Standards strengthen the recruitment & selection of personnel

The Loominger Standards provide essential guidance in the recruitment and selection process of personnel, serving as a reliable benchmark to identify and evaluate the right candidates. In the world of human resources, the Loominger Standards have proven to be a consistent and comprehensive set of criteria, allowing organizations to assess talent in a standardized way.

The Loominger Standards are used as a basis when drawing up vacancies and formulating job profiles. These standards not only define the required skills and qualifications, but also focus on the soft skills and personal attributes that match the company culture and the specific role.

During the selection process, the Loominger Standards are applied to objectively and consistently assess candidates. The interview process and resume evaluation are structured using these standards, which increases the likelihood of finding the right fit for the organization. Integrating the Loominger Standards into the recruitment process not only increases efficiency, but also significantly improves the chance of successful and sustainable personnel selection.

Since its inception, Aragon Search has applied the Loominger Standards in its recruitment & selection processes.

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