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Interns from HBO Automotive Rotterdam at Burgers Carrosserie

From the HBO Automotive program, we are supervising several interns within Burgers Carrosserie. We have asked two interns about their experience, which you can read below the photos from a visit to the school!


Olaf Meershoek:

"Hey, I'm Olaf Meershoek, 20 years old, and a student in Automotive Engineering at Hogeschool Rotterdam. Since a young age, I've had a passion for anything with an engine and wheels, including tractors, trucks, motorcycles, but mainly cars. In my free time, I'm often working on my own car or engaging in sports."

Why did you choose to intern at Burgers?

"From my program, the idea of interning at a truck trailer company wouldn't immediately come to mind. However, the focus of the program is on 'thinking in complete vehicles.' This means that the knowledge gained from the program can be applied to many different subjects, including the trailer behind the truck. At Burgers, my attention was specifically drawn to the double-decker trailers. The concept of a more efficient trailer aligns perfectly with my education and interests. This is directly related to my internship assignment."

What are you doing during your internship?

"My internship assignment is to design an electrically powered double-decker trailer. The electric drive system should result in a diesel saving of 15-20%. This saves costs and is also better for the environment. During my internship, I mainly focus on the application of the various electrical components needed for an electric drive system, and the necessary modifications to the standard double-decker trailer."

Where are you at in your internship?

"In the 6-month internship period, I have already reached the final phase. This means that I am mainly focused on making the final adjustments and working towards a complete 3D design. I am also heavily involved in documenting my internship assignment and thinking about what exactly I will pass on to Burgers when I return to school."

What have you learned?

"In the last 4 months, I have learned a great deal in various areas. For example, I have learned that when designing a new product, the process of refinement almost never stops, resulting in many different versions. Additionally, I have learned a lot about internal communication within a company and working with different departments."


Mark van Dam:

"Hi, I'm Mark van Dam and I'm studying HBO Automotive at Hogeschool Rotterdam. Ever since I was a child, I've been interested in cars, particularly the overall picture of a car. I wanted to learn more about the different subsystems, which is why I started this program."

What are you doing?

"I am currently completing a 3rd-year internship at Burgers Carrosserie in Aalsmeer. This company specializes in assembling double deck trailers, or trailers with a double loading floor. I chose this company because I find it to be an innovative development in terms of sustainability and efficiency. During my 6-month internship at Burgers Carrosserie, I am working on standardizing/optimizing the wheel arches. The wheel arches are the heart of the double deck trailer."

Where are you at in your internship?

"I'm almost in the last month of my internship period. My internship focuses on improving the assembly process of the wheel arches. To tackle this effectively, I have worked according to the DMAIC model, which stands for: define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. This model provided me with the framework to carry out the internship assignment in a structured manner."

What have you learned from your internship?

"During the internship, I've had the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the business world at Burgers Carrosserie. I've learned that in practice, things often turn out differently than in theory. The main thing I've learned is that attention to detail is extremely important. It's crucial to maintain focus to detect problems early on. There is often a tendency to stick to a fixed routine, but that doesn't always mean that this routine is the right one. My fresh perspective allowed me to identify opportunities for improvement. Implementing these changes hasn't always been easy, as people are creatures of habit. But I'm here to help make their work more efficient, and that was always appreciated. They provided me with the right tools to do this, and they also taught me a lot about how things work in practice."


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