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The role of the HR Business partner versus the role of the HR Manager

An HR Business Partner and an HR Manager both play crucial roles in the personnel management of an organization. The HR Business Partner has a specific focus on strategic collaboration and associated value creation. In this context, we take Aragon Search as an example from the role they play as HR Business Partner for its clients.

As an HR Business Partner, Aragon Search strengthens the role of the traditional HR Manager. The role goes beyond operational HR tasks and focuses on proactively contributing to the business strategy. In collaboration with senior management and various departments, Aragon Search acts as a strategic advisor. The HR Business Partner not only understands current HR needs, but also anticipates future challenges and opportunities that the organization may encounter.

Aragon Search's role involves developing and implementing HR strategies that directly align with broader business objectives. This means promoting a positive organizational culture, leading change processes and actively involving employees in the growth of the company. Aragon Search plays a key role in identifying and addressing talent development needs, managing performance and creating a work environment that supports overall business objectives. In this role, Aragon Sarch is also often involved in the design and restructuring of business processes.

In contrast to the more operationally focused HR Manager, Aragon Search makes a deep strategic contribution to the organization by proactively responding to changing needs and optimizing the use of human capital. In short, the HR Business Partner acts as a strategic partner that adds value to the company in line with Aragon Search.

HR Business partner versus de rol van de HR Manager


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