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Connection between employee and company

About Aragon Search

We are experienced in various market segments and complement each other in specific areas of expertise from operational management, HR, sales, finance, legal, purchasing, production, planning to logistics. We are 'To the point, practical and pragmatic'.  We have seen and learned much of the world what makes us shift quickly. We admire our clients, candidates and ad interimmers for how they got to where they are today. We like KPI's: 'Keep People Informed, Keep People Inspired, Keep People Interested, and Keep People Involved. Then there will be no problems to meet the strategic  'Key Performance Indicators'. 


Aragon not only values the match for new hires but also the seamless on-boarding process of the new employee within the organization. This will be based on the required competences to fit into the role and organization. And this in combination with additional competences required for the new role. Aragon invests time and efforts in order to get to know the organization from the inside and to understand the role, key competences, cultural elements and the defined short and longterm goals.


Aragon offers ad-interim support to enterprises that are in a temporarily need for extra (senior) capacity in the event of a sudden departure of employees or companies that are in a restructuring, merge, take over or growth phase. Aragon offers mediation services in legal conflict situations.


Aragon offers coaching to offer additional support after a new position has been filled. Up to six months after the new employee has started in a new role Aragon keeps regular contact with both the employee and client. Clients value the additional coaching, especially when new positions are filled at locations in different countries. The coaching experience of Aragon also support new employees up and beyond the required level of their current competences.


Aragon experiences that due to several changes in the organization setups and marketplaces many strategies and goals are re-defined which require extra attention to the current workforce. Aragon offers incidental HR support and coaching in which current job roles are re-defined and employees attend a dedicated coaching traject. In addition Aragon offers full HR or business customized evaluations of several departments or entire organization setups

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