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Human capital & organizational support is the key driver to grow any business

Company Builders & People Connectors

Aragon focuses on the recruitment & selection of employees for companies in the Dutch manufacturing industry, including Executive Search services for its foreign branches. In case of unexpected absence of employees or companies that are in a restructuring or fast growth phase, Aragon Search offers temporary operational and dedicated support by experienced specialists.


Together with our clients, we build on their successes. We approach their future employees and connect with professionals who can support them on a temporary project basis. Within the organization we evaluate how we can create better connections between departments in business processes and people and offer start up support and coaching of new employees.

What Aragon stands for

Save time

We let our clients grow their business in what they are good at. We come in for HR challenges & offer advise.

Listening is in our nature

We rather not talk too much about ourselves but prefer to listen to our clients and candidates. 

Let your business grow

We make sure that the right people can further grow  in the organization of our customers and offer ad interim solutions.

We hit the right keys

We focus on the 'what makes them tick' elements at our customers and focus on the chemstry & click elements.

Vacatures NL

The latest vacancies

Vacatures NL

We're looking for interns!

We are looking for MBO, HBO and TU interns for Dutch Manufacturing companies and other sectors; Register by sending us a message via the contact form on this site or send an email. We will then contact you quickly to discuss the possibilities.


Through our years of experience, we have built up a large network within and outside the Dutch manufacturing industry. We would like to open this network to interns and graduates to gain knowledge and experience. We know our clients and what their objectives are. We are proud that they leave part of the personnel policy, including the hiring and supervision of motivated interns, to Aragon. Companies often do not have time for this themselves and we take on this role for them. Our supervisors have a lot of experience  within manufacturing companies and other sectors and guide interns with a lot of energy and enthusiasm towards their end goal, taking into account both the (study) objectives of the intern and the objectives of our client.

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