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Media internship in Hilversum

Location: Hilversum, Netherlands

Company: Aragon Search

Position: Media Internship

Working time: Fulltime

About Aragon Search

Aragon Search not only values ​​the match between clients and new employees in its recruitment & selection services; Aragon also offers support during the induction process of new employees. In addition, Aragon offers support on an ad-interim basis to companies that temporarily need extra capacity in the event of the sudden departure of employees or companies that are in a restructuring or growth phase. Through close collaboration between High Schools and Universities, Aragon actively guides interns at clients during the internship and during the first appointment that sometimes results from a (graduation) internship.

About the Internship

Developing and offering educational images for companies

Many companies will lose a lot of knowledge in the coming years due to the aging population, as valuable knowledge providers have poorly or not properly or completely documented their knowledge and experience. Companies lack the time, knowledge and expertise to properly record (multilingual) information and make it accessible to new (inter)national employees who sometimes speak another language.

The main objective of the internship focuses on devising and developing an educational training program that will be available online for new employees. Clear work instructions are provided with photos and/or videos and texts in multiple languages. These are made accessible via web portals so that new employees can get to work faster and more effectively. In addition, existing employees are regularly trained on development points or a new internal job.

Research issue

The intern investigates the possibilities of providing visual material with short instructive texts through educational work instructions. The research will be followed by the development of an action plan in which educational work instructions can be made accessible in a structured manner via an online media channel. After approval of the action plan, a number of work instructions will be drawn up based on a script based on a scalable, uniform approach. Aragon Search guides the intern from an internship assignment with one of its employers that suits both the training and the employer.

The approach

Together with the client, the intern will be guided by Aragon in defining the research question, designing the training program and producing the work instructions. To complete the internship, you will work with Aragon to develop a multi-branding campaign step-by-step plan for the internal organization to draw attention to the work instructions together with the HR department.

What else?

  • Internship compensation

  • Lots of room for your own ideas and nice colleagues from whom you can learn a lot

  • You love making videos and podcasts

  • You enjoy working in a diverse team, but you are also happy to work independently

  • You love facts and figures

  • You are following a course at HBO level

  • You are available full-time

  • Traveling to Hilversum is no problem for you, and working from home is possible.

  • You are available for at least 4 months. Before you come for an interview with us, you have listened to the latest podcasts and got a good idea of ​​the Child at the Doctor platform.

About Aragon Search

Aragon Search supports companies and organizations in the growth phase and provides internships and active internship guidance in close collaboration with its clients and partnerships. In many cases, an appointment follows after completion of the internships.

Interested? Send an email including motivation and your availability to

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