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Student of WO Industrial Engineering and Management

Location: Netherlands

Position: Graduation assignment WO Industrial Engineering

Working time: Full-time

There is room for a graduation assignment at one of our clients. The assignment focuses on research into the future of heavy transport. That is why we are currently looking for a WO student in Industrial Engineering and Management. Duration (6-9 months)

technical Business


Who, from a graduation internship, focuses on conducting research into the market drivers of heavy transport


The automotive industry is in full swing thanks to rapid technological developments. However, a shortage of chips that can arise from political conflicts between economic powers affects the market, making the supply chain unstable. One of the most important parts of this chain is the heavy transport through which goods are transported within and between countries. Heavy transport is vital for economic growth is strongly influenced by these developments.


The assignment:

Below are 3 research directions with which market drivers can be mapped. These drivers should be analyzed over different periods:

  • Short term drivers (3-5 years),

  • Medium-term drivers (5-10 years)

  • Long term drivers (10-20 years):


Research directions:

Mapping trends and developments within heavy transport (worldwide); At this point you could think of:

  • Politics

  • Social

  • Economic

  • Environment

  • Etc..

Mapping the wishes within heavy transport of: 

  • Customers

  • Suppliers

  • Builders


Drawing up a driver-wish matrix for heavy transport:

  • Drivers vs. Wishes: influence of drivers (see 1) on wishes (see 2)

  • Drivers vs. Technology: influence of drivers on technological developments within heavy transport

  • Drivers vs. Infrastructure (people, HW and SW) heavy transport builders 


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